Bridal Shoes

Rainbow Club
            Christy                                  Carrie                                         Maddie    
rcchristy    RCCarrie    RCMaddie
Penny                                   Melanie
rcpenny       Melanie
Lucy                                          Vivian                                     Annie
RCLucy    rcvivian    Annie
Wide Fitting Rainbow Club Shoes
Rainbow Club Shoe Clips
  Gorgeous diamonte clips that can be worn on your bridal shoes,
or dyed to match any other outfit!
Orion                                 Vela                               Gemini
rcorion    rcvela    rcgemini
Rainbow Club Children Shoes
 Large collection available from stock, 3-4 weeks to reorder.
All dyed orders take 3-4 weeks as standard,
express deliveries available if needed,
please contact us on 01823 322463 for more information or to check stock.