Mori Lee

Mori Lee has been one of the worlds leading designers for over 20 years,
offering an immaculate sense of style teamed with a unique talent of
involving the lastest fashion trends in to their designs.
Mori Lee gowns take 4-6 months to order in,
although selected gowns are available on 10 week express delivery. 
If any final alterations are needed they take 6-8 weeks.
Our collection of gowns available on 10 week express delivery, and
from stock in selected sizes only can be found at the bottom of the page.
ML6833                                           ML2877             ML2880
ML166833200  ML162876200  ML16287200  ML162880200
ML2883           ML2821              ML5402            ML6814
ML162883200 ml162821  ml165402  ml166814  
ml166818  ML152771  ML152778  ML156805
ML152773   ML2788  ML156807  ML156801
ML155361  ML155362  ML155308  ML152774
ML152719  ML152723  ML152702  ML5108
                       ML1964                                           ML6763
5262-043  ml1964  ML5204  ml6763
ML152777  ML2607  ML5216
ML2105               ML1901
ML2105N  ML1901  
Gowns Designed Especially For Brides Sized 18+
MLJ3193              MLJ3196            MLJ3198
ml163193  ml163196  ml163198
ML3156  ML3155  MLJ3133
10 Week Express Delivery:
The following 7 gowns are also available on Express10 Week Delivery,
available in Ivory only in standard lengths, from size UK8-UK24.
ML1901              ML5108              ML2800
  ML1901  ML5108  ML162880200
ML2105N  ML5204  ML5216
Wedding just round the corner?
This gorgeous gowns are available from stock in limited sizes only,
or available to re-order in size 4-30 with standard delivery times.
ML162880200  ML2788
ML152774  ML155361  ML152778  ML152777
ML152719  ML152723  ML5262  ML3155
If you would like any more information on our gowns please visit our
Contact Us page for the best way to get in touch.